What is the best auction plugin for wordpress ?

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When it comes to wordpress, we already know we can use an auction theme to build an auction website. We have detailed the building of an auction website here as well. We have also detailed a lot on how to make money with your own auction website. But now is time to see if we want to use an auction plugin , and what is the best plugin to do that. You might wonder, why would you need a plugin, when you can use a theme. We will explain this a bit later in the article. keep reading.

Why do I need an auction plugin ?

You are wondering, why would we use a plugin, instead of using a theme ? Well, using a theme will let you build a website that is restricted to the looks of that theme. But by using a plugin, you will be able to work out with your own theme. Giving that, you could pair an auction plugin with avada theme for example. Thus obtaining a great website with endless possibilities for customisation. So using an auction plugin might be a good fit for some people that want to take it to the next level.

What is the best auction plugin ?

We have worked with a few plugins in the past, even with ones that support woocommerce, so we know what we are talking about. We have found a few plugins, one that is free: ultimate auctions , but this is quite limited and you will not get many options. Thats because its a free plugin. But do not worry we have worked with another paid one with a lot of other features which you find pleasant. The name of the plugin is auction plugin from sitemile.com and it does support woocommerce too, in the pro version. Giving that, we think the sitemile plugin is better. Not only it comes with a lot more features, but you will get a lot of support too.

Features that are a must when building an auction site and sitemile plugin has it:

Read more about the auction plugin, or try their theme here

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