The best WordPress Theme to launch a freelancer website

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When we are talking about freelancing websites, we can think of upwork, guru, or fiverr. We are going to show you in this article how you can launch a similar freelancer website using WordPress. The point of this article is to give you a cheaper perspective using wordpress, as opposed to using an expensive script, or something done from scratch. Read the continuation of this article to find out more on how you can launch a freelancer website.

After showing you how to create an auction website, we are turning our attention to a different kind of auction, and thats the reverse auction website. The freelance marketplace websites are so called reverse auction websites.

freelancer marketplace website using wordpress

When it comes to easy and inexpensive website setup , there are a few choices, but by far WordPress is the best one. You might wonder what is wordpress ? Well, wordpress is a cms system that is open source and free to download and use. It powers a lot of websites in the entire world, more than 35% of the total. It has a great community, and has many free plugins and themes. Of course the most specialised themes will not be free, but their cost will be way less than the equivalent php scripts.

What is a freelancer website ?

A freelancer type of site, is a special website that focuses on delivering different kind of services to customers. More precisely, its very used in the IT industry by many companies. Either they need a programmer, a designer, a photographer, a marketing and seo specialist, they can find all these in a freelancer website. Famous freelancers websites are: fiverr, upwork,, guru, seoclerks and others. We have made a simple list of how a freelancer website flow works:

How does a freelancer website make money ?

A freelancer marketplace website, because thats what it ultimately is, makes money out of commissions and fees. There are multiple commissions they can charge the user and multiple fees and memberships. In the below list you will find various ways for monetising your freelance marketplace website:

What theme should I use to launch a freelance marketplace site ?

When it comes to wordpress websites, the main thing you need to use is called a theme. A theme is basically the engine of any wordpress website. A wordpress theme contains everything you need for the website to function and look properly. The theme is responsible for the php script side of things (backend , api) and for the looks (front end part). Using a complete theme for your freelance marketplace website would be the best idea. The theme we are presenting here, is called the sitemile project bidding theme, and it has everything you need to launch your freelance website.

freelance marketplace theme wordpress
freelance marketplace theme wordpress

Here are the most important features that this theme has:

Find out more about the project bidding theme, a way to launch a freelance marketplace website today.

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