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Best auction script php

Hey guys. We are trying to find out what is the best auction script on the market. Or at least we try to compare the auction scripts with wordpress themes. Because wordpress is also a cms that is written in php. So any auction theme will work as any auction script. What features does the […]

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Is there a good template for eBay ?

We are trying in this article to find out if there is a good template for ebay, and its any good. And above all, we want to launch our own ebay type of site, and we need some kind of software to run this app. We also need a good price as we most likely […]

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How to make money with an online auction website

This is an article about making money through an online auction website. There are so many options when it comes to an online business, but the idea of a marketplace or an auction website seems the most common and easy to do. Usually the online auction websites allow customers to post their own products for […]

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