Is themeforest a good place to buy a wp auction theme ?

Posted on: October 5, 2022 by Administration Staff - Page Views: 377

Hey guys! We are going to talk about the themeforest theme marketplace today. As you know they offer a lot of themes. And these themes are supplied by dozens of sellers around the world. Normally these themes are priced on the low end, like 60-100$ for each theme. Giving that, we are trying to see if we can use themeforest to launch an auction website.

We really think that the themes there are for more generic use, like a magazine or news website theme. But when it comes to specialised sites like online auction sites, then we need something dedicated. Because you would need an auction script or a real wordpress auction theme for this to be successful. And we have a recommendation for the sitemile auction theme. You can find more information about their auction theme in another blog post: monetising an auction site

Can this be used like any auction script ?

Yes the theme can be used like any auction script thats based on php, because it has a lot of features. We can see some of the main features: buy now, shopping cart, payment gateways, bid for goods, online bidding, live auction and other areas. And the price is a bit higher than themeforest but the quality and the features are superior to that anyway. And we have also written about the best auction script too so you can read a bit more there too.

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