How to run Auctions with Woocommerce

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When wanting to run an auction website, the first thing to think about is the software that you will be using in your website. There are a few possibilities, but by far the cheapest and easiest to use is WordPress CMS. If you do not know what WordPress is, then think on a framework that is installed with just a few clicks. Yea, you heard it right, these days with just a few clicks you can have a complete cms with just a few clicks. WordPress makes this possible and powers over 35% of the websites in the entire world.

The professional community loves wordpress because is easy to use and there are tons of resources available. In the past years, there have been numerous wordpress themes and plugins that transform your wordpress website into anything. A very popular plugin that helps you transforming your website into an ecommerce site, is Woocommerce.

After we have covered the general term on how to make an auctions website with wordpress, we are covering the specific case of woocommerce. As we said earlier , woocommerce is very popular when it comes to marketplaces or ecommerce sites. But you are wondering how to use woocommerce for auctions? Thats a great question, and I will explain a bit more in depth in the following lines.

What options do I have for an auction website ?

When it comes to options you can try, you either have an auction plugin or an auction theme. We have been in contact with sitemile, and they provide an auction plugin and an auction theme, which both in their pro version support woocommerce. Woocommerce is very interesting because it has already a lot of premade payment gateways for many markets. And it supports a lot of currencies around the world. Their auction theme and auction plugin are made with the multi seller marketplace in mind. They also offer a car auction theme which could be used for a car auction website.

Through the main feature of their PRO version we can see:

Find out more about the auction theme here.

What other alternatives do I have other than WordPress ?

When it comes to other alternatives, you can think on a stand alone script made by another company, as a private non open source script. That will cost you more and is a more enclosed system. On the other hand, its something that if you find a great company behind it, with good support, it could be a better approach for big projects. See below the pros and cons when using a wordpress auctions solution for your online auction website.

Pros for WordPress Auctions

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