How to make money with an online auction website

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This is an article about making money through an online auction website. There are so many options when it comes to an online business, but the idea of a marketplace or an auction website seems the most common and easy to do. Usually the online auction websites allow customers to post their own products for sale. Very similar to a garage sale, or an english auction. A good example of a similar website is eBay, or etsy, where sellers post their products for auction or for sale and create shops. These shows contain products and the buyers will browse the website for their wanted item and buy these items. In the case of an online auction website, the buyers will actually bid on each item, and the highest bidder will get the goods.

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How do you make money with an online auction website ?

The idea is simple, charge everyone a listing fee to put on your platform. But that might not be easy from the start. So you could leave the posting for free and only charge a commission at the end when the product is sold and everybody is happy. You can charge a fixed solid value or just charge a percent out of the winning bid. The sellers will be more than happy to give you a small percentage after being happy that they sold the item. Whenever the site gets more traction, you can charge a listing fee or a featured listing fee.

What kind of software to use to create the marketplace or auction website ?

We have gone through several methods for creating an auction site during the past few months. From creating the website from scratch by a dedicated team, which is an expensive version. Going to the cheaper route, you can try using wordpress. We have reviewed the sitemile auction theme, and that still remains our favourite to launch an auction website. This can be also used for a multi seller marketplace or ecommerce website. This is because it has all needed features.

Giving these things, we really think that the main areas to make money out of an online auction site are:


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