How to launch a job board website

Posted on: June 25, 2022 by Administration Staff - Page Views: 455

The job market these days is very hot. Although there have been some layoffs there is still a huge demand of workers. Thats why having somewhere you can find and post jobs for your company is imperative. Thats why we have decided to write an article showing you how to launch a job board website.

jobminer job board wordpress

When it comes to a job board, the most important thing is the easy of use. Giving that, it should be very easy to search and apply for a job if you are a job seeker. Also as a company owner, or employer, you would have to post your job with ease. And there should be a way for the platform to make money too.

Usually in all job boards, the platform will charge some kind of posting fee, or some kind of membership fee. In order to do that, you will need some options to charge the customers some fees. Thats where the profit of the platform comes from. So the job board software you will use, should have these options and even more.

jobminer job board wordpress

What job board software should I use ?

Since this is a wordpress related website, we really recommend you starting with wordpress. Thats the most common path for the beginners and advanced power users. Because of its popularity, a wordpress job board theme is the most indicated to be used here. I can think of a number of reasons why you would work with wordpress for your job board website:

And now we would need to see what theme specifically we should use for the website. We have stumble upon the Jobminer theme from sitemile. They are having some great functionality. And they are in the wordpress space for over 10 years, and they normally know what they are doing. So we recommend the jobminer theme to start a job board website. The reasons for which we would choose their theme are:

What else do I need ?

Normally you will need a few more things to start the website, other than the job board software itself. You will need a domain name and a hosting space. Getting these is quite easy from companies, like godaddy, bluehost, hostinger and others. We have detailed a lot more, in our article about how to create a website. So all in all, creating a job board website is very easy in 2022 and beyond , thanks to the great wordpress eco system, and the great themes and plugins available. If you want to find out more information or customisation work, do not hesitate to contact us, or the sitemile guys


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