How to Create your Own Auction Website

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Are you looking to create your own auction website ? or maybe you are trying to create a car auction website to sell used cars. If you ever wondered how to create a new auction website from scratch, this article will help you and after reading it, you will have a better idea on how you can achieve this, and possibly build your auction MVP website with our advices. You can read below our thoughts about auction websites in general.

When it comes to auction websites, everybody knows the major websites that do this, like eBay. EBay is one of the biggest auction websites or portals out there, it has over 185 million users worldwide, and its worth billions of dollars. The way eBay or any auction website in fact is like this: the sellers will post products for selling or for auction, and the buyers will search for their desired product and place bids, basically engage in a bidding war with other buyers. Whoever bids the highest will win the goods and gets to purchase them at the winning price.

What is an auction website ? How does it work ?

An auction website, is a website, similar to a marketplace, where sellers will post some products (it can be services too, but regularly is physical products, like computers, cars, furniture, books) for sale or for auction. Buyer will have a search page, with various filters (location, price, views, shipping cost, category) and can search for their desired item, then they can post bids and engage into a bidding war against the other buyers. Whoever bids the last time and the highest, gets to win the product and purchase it.

Auction websites have become very popular in the past years, where people are trying to build auction websites with different flavours, like penny auction websites, dutch auction, scratch ticket auction, charity auction, seal bid auction and other various similar ideas.

ebay auction website wordpress

What tech stack should you use ?

When it comes to actually programming the auction website, you have so many options available on the market and things become overwhelming for the regular entrepreneur or user. From ready made scripts or themes or plugins, to custom website started from scratch with huge budgets. But you dont have to invest a lot at first if you do not want to. We will present below the options to have to create an auction website.

Going cheaper at first. WordPress way

Most entrepreneurs want to invest as little as they can into the MVP until they validate the business model and start earning some income out of the business. Thats why we think wordpress is very suited to start with. You might wonder, how is possible that a blog cms tool can be good for starting an auction site. We thought the same at first, but the thing is that wordpress has evolved so much in the past 10 years, that nowadays everything could be done on wordpress. Thats why 35% of the websites in the entire world prefer to have wordpress as their platform. Find out more about online auction software .

What wordpress theme can I use for my auction website ?

Recently we have discovered and tested the WordPress auction theme from . We think that using a wordpress theme for your online auction website is the best you can do at this point. We do not recommend to overcomplicate with plugins because that route requires a lot of experience and going back and forth with lots of updates and setup steps. Its better to start with a ready made complete theme for that, and the auction theme does that with success.

wordpress auction theme
wordpress auction theme

Main features of the Auction Theme

> Find out more about the WordPress Auction Theme <

What other possibilities are out there ?

Another way to do an auction website is to use a php auction script or something prebuild, using a framework like laravel, or cake php or something like that. That will imply a higher cost than the wordpress route of course. But it might be more solid. You should use this for established businesses. You will need to find an development agency that does this in order to give you a free quote. You could contact the same guys to get a free price quote.

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