How to create a website

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You are here probably because you have a business that needs a website, and you are wondering how to create a website. Well, in this article we will explain very shortly how a website can be created from scratch and what tools do you need to do it. Creating a website is not hard to do, but it depends a lot on what you need it to do. We will detail a few ways to create the website and what you need to get there. So lets get started and split the website creation in a few steps. We have made a few specific guides like how to create an auction website, but this will be a more general way to create a website.

What do I need in the first place ?

First and foremost you will need a domain name and a hosting package. If you do not know what these are, think on the domain name like the address of your home or house. Its an easy to remember name that people will type in their browsers or mobile phones to get to your website. Also about hosting, think of it like the actual land where you house resides. So the hosting is a place where you store the files and database of your website. A combination of domain name and hosting space is basically like a house that has an address.

There are so many companies that offer hosting and domain combo, that picking will be hard. Or it can be very easy if you are not that picky. And you should not be picky at all as these days the hosting packages are pretty decent. You will need to choose a hosting that costs at least 10$ a month, and not less, because you want something stable. Our advice is to get with a VPS server if you can, but also managed wordpress hosting can be a good idea too. There are several hosting methods:

What do I need after that ?

After you have got your hosting and domain, in order to create a website , you will need some software to run on it. The most popular cms system in the whole world, is wordpress. This powers over 34.5% of the websites in the whole world.

Creating websites with wordpress will be the most easy thing you can do. Most hosting companies already have a 2 click install process for wordpress so you will be up and running within minutes. But there are also other options than having your cms in your hosting. A list of possible options:

Who can build the website for me ?

If you do not know how to do it or need help, then you will need to look for an agency that does customisation work and can setup this for you. We have a recommendation here, sitemile is a good agency which also does web and mobile work. Other options would be to go on fiverr, freelacer, or upwork type of platforms to find someone that can do the job. The good thing here is you could pay less, but the down side is you never know what amateur you can encounter.

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