How to create a Fiverr type of website using WordPress

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Hey fellow technology enthusiasts, we are following up with a great new post here. Today we are going to write about how to create a fiverr type of website using wordpress. We are covering this because there is a lot of interest these days into remote work, and remote workers, and also multi seller marketplace website. Releasing your own multi seller marketplace website, like fiverr, or upwork, will give you the chance of making a lot of money from advertising, and from taking commission out of each sale, and even charging for listing, or membership.

What is Fiverr type of website ?

A website that lets others post their services, or items for sale, can make a lot of money by charging a small commission on each transaction. Sites like that are like fiverr, or upwork, or picoworkers, or . These sites let people (usually from the IT industry) from any industry, sell their services or their items and charge them a commission. The customer will browse the website, find the service they desire (eg: programming a website, or creating a logo),  pay the service (money goes to the website) and then the freelancer will do the work. In the end the money is released to the freelancer, after taking a small commission.

If you have enough number of customers and freelancers in the website, you can have the road open to making a lot of money just from commissions.

How can I create a website like this ?

Creating the website, requires a piece of software, usually a script either custom made, or ready made, a hosting account/space, and a domain name (eg: For this time we have chosen wordpress as our easy solution. The thing we propose will cost you around 300$ with all the bells and whistles. This is quite cheap, comparing with the fact that if you do this with a dedicated programmer, you will pay 10 or 50 times that much. This solution, is a wordpress theme, and is called pricerr wordpress theme. It lets you create a multi seller marketplace website like no other. Their support is pretty awesome, always online, and they have excellent features. This is like dokan plugin but better.

wordpress fiverr theme

Also the theme comes with a booking calendar in the pro version as well, so with this you even can create a bookable service type of thing: like nail salon, or chiropractor business.

wordpress booking theme
wordpress fiverr theme

Another idea would be to launch a thumbtack clone, and you have more about that on the guide there. Basically use WordPress to launch a thumbtack clone type of site.

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