How to create a classified ads website with WordPress: 8 steps guide

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Since the beginning of time, classifieds were a place where you could post ad listings . Business owners and private persons have used the classifieds sections in the local papers to buy or sell various products.

Since the whole world got more technical on each year passed, people started focused on the online area of things. And almost everyone turned their look to the classified ads websites. No matter the location, anyone can access a website online to buy and sell products.

Creating any type of website, requires that you have knowledge in programming and setting up servers. If you want to create a classifieds website, you will need some hosting, a domain name, and some seo skills and setup. Any classified ads website will allow people list their products and services for a fee or even for free.

The people interested in purchasing the items will also have access to them to view, search and choose their preferred ones.

Even if you do not have any experience in creating websites, you can succeed: We present you here a guide on how to create a classified ads website using WordPress.

8 Steps to Create Classifieds Websites

Choose a domain name

The very step which you need to take when creating a classified ads website, but any website, is to get a domain name for it. The domain name represents your website name. A name through which people will recognise you and your business. Make sure the name is catchy and is easy to remember. And of course the name should be free. Meaning nobody else has registered this domain name before. You can register domain names in all major hosting and domains websites, like godaddy, bluehost, dynadot, and others.

Choose a Web host and a hosting plan

We have covered some insights on hosting on this article too. So, the hosting is very important to your website or business. Because the hosting is the actual place where your website will reside. Basically is like a house, and the domain name is like the address of your house. And the website is the inhabitant of that house. In the hosting, you will have your website files and your database. So basically this is the most important thing at the stage of building your website. And regarding the hosting plan, you should not get something very big at first. Just get some decent hosting. We think around 10-20$ a month hosting is good to start with.

There are other advantages on a higher plan hosting like online backups, better site management and others. If you want the best out of your hosting, choose the one that is particularly optimised for using with WordPress. That means you get WordPress cms preinstalled with the service you purchase. What’s more, your website is speed and security optimised and could include free backup plans and even a free domain name. That depends on your hosting provider, but many of these wordpress hosting companies offer this.

Use WordPress as Your Content Management System

WordPress powers over 35% of the websites in the entire world, so thats pretty impressive. That makes the usage of wordpress cms the perfect solution for you. Because of its popularity, also wordpress comes with the following important advantages:

Choose and Install a Classified Theme

classified theme wordpress

The thing you need to do to create a classified ads website with wordpress is to use a classified ads theme. Its quite simple and you have tons of options that are ready made and will save you a lot of time. We have studied all the reasons why you would want a particular theme and chosen one that would deliver everything that you’ll need – Classified Theme from sitemile.

Classified Theme is a great theme that adds to the efficiency that comes with using WordPress built websites. It offers premade page variations from which you can pick your favourite before customising their content. Each brand is denoted by several aspects, the most dominant of which is color.

This fantastic classified WordPress theme allows you to choose from an unlimited range of colors. And it comes with a lot of payment gateways, like paypal, stripe and others.

Other features of the classified theme are the memberhip feature and monetisation features. With these you will be able to make money out of the classified ads website, and charge people to listing things on your site. There is also a review product feature that is present in the pro version of the theme.

The google maps feature lets your users place a pin on the map and indicate where the item is located. And the search page will allow users to search within a radius of a certain location. The location and geocoding features are awesome here and they are again in the PRO version. With this you will not need any more other paid plugins.

classified ads theme

classified ads theme

classified ads theme

Customize Your Website and Create a Structure for It

Using the sitemile classified theme for your site will create a classified ads website very easy. The theme comes with a demo importer tool with this of course that creates all the content and you can start editing from there.

You can then edit the pages to restructure the element arrangement on them. You can also change other appearance aspects to make it match your brand perfectly. After this, you can add your personal content to the template pages and widgets on front end.

You will need to create categories for your ads, menus and drag and drop widgets. Your users will find it easy to navigate, view, and post ads in straightforward locations. The way the classified theme works, with widgets and page builder, will make customising it a very easy thing to do.

Add Classified Products and Listings

Your users will post their products or items for sale in the website. And they will attach images and description and ultimately provide content for your website. So that is a really good thing.

Other attachments that would be vital for a classified ads site include product descriptions, locations, and pricing. Call-to-action buttons like ‘add to cart’ and ‘buy now’ are very good and making the users buy the product from your website.

Monetization of Your Site

The sitemile classified theme comes with various payment methods, both online and offline. This will take the pressure of you and you can process any payment. It even supports advertising banners into the website.

You can charge for posting of listings with higher costs granting users advanced ad featured access. And you can charge membership fees as well.

Promote Your Classified Ads Site

Promoting the classified ads website will require some patience. And doing seo work every day, posting articles at least once a week, and also using a lot of the social networks. Another way to promote is launch an affiliate campaign, making your visitors spreading your links in their own sites. There is the possibility to post ads on google, ads on facebook, or even tiktok, but that will require careful attention as those are not free.


With the correct tools, and wordpress, you can create an amazing classified ads website. And this guide is a very good place to start. You just have to start, and where ever you get stuck ask for help. There are plenty of things and articles available in google and other areas.

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