How do you launch a job board website ?

Posted on: January 1, 2023 by Administration Staff - Page Views: 336

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If you are here, you are probably looking to launch a job board or a freelancer marketplace website. Well this is pretty common these days specially that the Job listings websites are very popular now. This is because the job market has increased a lot due to the pandemic. And many people change their jobs each 3-6-12 months. These websites keep the candidate profile and employers can look through the list and choose whenever they have a job vacancy. So building a job marketplace website is in very demand right now. And the job directory will benefit the employees and the employer too. Here are the steps to follow if you want to build a job board website:

Find your hosting and domain name

Every site starts with a hosting space, and a domain name that the website owner must choose. Usually the hosting companies offer a lot of bundles for the hosting and domain name so choosing from companies like godaddy, bluehost, wpengine or others will not be a hard thing to do. Most use the same things. But also you can start with any of these since your site will be just started and you should focus on getting your job portal site up and running as fast as possible. I think at this point the job board software is the most important thing to focus on.

Get the best job board software

After setting up the site and domain name , you will need some job board plugin or the best job board software to actually launch your job directory page. For that you have multiple options: either use a job board script, or a job board wordpress theme. We have worked with a few, but the most we liked the sitemile jobminer theme. That job board plugin and theme has everything you need to launch your recruitment website. You will find job listings, and resume management feature, and also job search engine present in this theme. The talent acquisition teams will like the backend of this wordpress job board theme. Plus this come with application form for each job, and job posting for the companies.

Monetising the job board website will be also easy, as you can charge for individual listing, or subscription packages for each user to buy. The job search engine of the theme is perfect for large scale apps too. And is quite perfect for the human resources teams in each company. They can launch reports and stuff like that too.

Market your site and get it live

Writing content will help your site index on search engines, but also let your customers know what can they find in the site. So write content in a constant way, at least for a few months. A good site without visits is as bad as a site with no feature at all. So you need people searching for hiring or for career changes to make this succeed. Also if you are looking more into taskrabit or thumbtack types of sites, you can here a guide how to launch a thumbtack clone website

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