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Posted on: July 3, 2022 by Administration Staff - Page Views: 556

Hey guys. We are trying to find out what is the best auction script on the market. Or at least we try to compare the auction scripts with wordpress themes. Because wordpress is also a cms that is written in php. So any auction theme will work as any auction script.

What features does the auction script have ?

We want the auction script to contain a few key things to make it usable for our auction website. Because we want to launch an auction website that has everything. The sellers and buyers must have all features at their disposal. Also the administrator of the platform must have options to control everything. So without further ado:

What is the best auction script based on php ?

We are choosing wordpress as a base for our auction website. You might wonder why ? Well, its because wordpress is free, and is very popular. You can also find a lot of programmers that are available to help you. So the only paid thing you need is the wordpress auction theme from sitemile. You can easily launch an auction website like ebay with this type of theme. And another auction script which is stand alone and not wordpress based is this: premium auction software.


At the end of the article, we can conclude the auction theme for wordpress is a good solution if you are search for an auction script php. This is because wordpress is based on php, and you will have a good time customising it. Also wordpress is very good for SEO, and you will rank much faster in google. Everything is controlled from a comprehensive admin panel. Also you can run a blog inside the website without any issue. Also if you want to understand a bit more about creating an auction site, go and read this article.

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